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The reason I started this blog site was that during my time as a Regional Councilor, I found that I could not get adequate media coverage of Local Govt affairs. If at all. The purpose of my blog is the dissemination of information and Regional Council news that the media will not print. All comments made are my views with regard to the chosen subject.

The New Dawn.

Hello people. I should not be sitting here, but out working. Have a fair bit on, and more coming in weekly. I seem to be getting known or accepted in the locality. Got on the job nice and early only to find the digger still working. Down to business. Last month I...

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Good God its coming True. ???

Hi De Hi. Jumpity Jump and all that silly stuff. Yes the world is sick and full of Corona.No not the beer. The virus. Yes just as I said would have to happen, a world wide depression is what is needed to sort out all this ridiculous environmental crap being forced on...

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Vegans and Ethnic Cleansing.

Hi guy's. You probably are wondering "why" the heading. Stop and think about it. Veganism is a food message coming out of America, and "I" say the United Nations. Vegans ,particularly the following generation suffer several serious health issues, plus a low fertility...

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National Policy Statement Bio- Diversity.

Hello people. We have had a very busy month or more with 4 weekends away or week days added 2 weekends. Not a lot of work being done and this last week Elton John called or should I say we went over to Hastings. Not 2 bad, not a great fan of Elton but an experience in...

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Fake News. Fake Policy Statements

Hello people. Happy new year. Or for many in the lower middle income brackets it is going to get tougher. Carbon recently hit $29/ton. My OMF site says $35 here we come. They also say that investors and customers of companies are expecting them to focus on...

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200 Years of Darkness? What a Sad Little Man I Am.

Well actually no. I am a bit of a star gazer, believe in that sort of stuff, had the odd premonition . Pushed the button on a clairvoyants sight that popped up, she told me exactly who I am, just from my birth date. The description was to a tee. Only prob is she also...

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Ombudsmens office

Back again. I have a lot of stuff I want to bring to your attention so am getting some that is available on the internet if you no where to look out of the road. Mr. Woodfords post was 3 pages, but whilst I managed to down load to my media I could not transfer all to...

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Biff,Bam and Te Mana o te Wai

Hells Bells and Whistling in the Wind. Yesterday I received a email from That trendy lefty greeny Beef and Lamb Chair Mr. Morrison ecstatically informing me that Biff and Bam have struck a deal to keep Agri out of the emissions trading scheme for 5 more yrs. Giving...

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Indigenous Carbon Soaks??????

Hello again. After publishing Nick Smith Kyoto press release last month I remembered that the Feds are pushing Indigenous Bio-diversity tree,d land cover. It seems there is more than enough on private land to cover for the carbon and methane emissions NZ emits. In...

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