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The reason I started this blog site was that during my time as a Regional Councilor, I found that I could not get adequate media coverage of Local Govt affairs. If at all. The purpose of my blog is the dissemination of information and Regional Council news that the media will not print. All comments made are my views with regard to the chosen subject.

Revisiting the draft Horizons ONE PLAN 2006

Hello people. I thought I might be a bit different today and describe the council (Horizons) efforts at approving the above for consultation May 2007. The discussion document had lots and lots of blank pages, with staff telling councilors what should have been in...

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Bio-diversity. Polarised Opininons. Corruption?

Good afternoon all. What a morning. Rain rain and more rain. Told my sister yesterday I did not want to buy any baled silage off her. This morning my wife is giving me crap about La Nina. Saying I should buy the silage?. The experts on face book are saying so. What...

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Dangerous Times.

Well well. I am sitting here comtemplating the election result. I have this gut feeling that those of us who speak out should be careful. WE have absolute nutters on public platforms such as Facebook rubbishing farmers,. We have some in the media conducting themselves...

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The Red Sea

Hello people. I just had to comment on the election. I will say I predicted it . Certainly from last year when I attended the Lower Nth Is National party conference in Palmerston North. Remember I gave the organisers heaps ,saying that the party,s 2 tick policy...

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SINK or SWIM. The Process Questioned.

Hi di hi. Sorry this months post is a bit late. I will try to put up another next week commenting on the election. My thoughts are that whilst the main parties are still flying high,their days are numbered. It is amazing getting around the district and talking to...

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Too Ofay with it all??

Hells bells and all that . I made the wrong call with NPSFW. Southland farmers up in arms over winter crop restrictions  and pugging rules. Minister Parker has made some concessions with regard to troughs and gate ways, but bye the bye is holding the United Nations...

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National Policy Statement Fresh Water

I thought I had better comment on the above. I have been a bit slack on this really ,but then I find it all abit tiresome. This is my view. The odd very speacial catchment such as the Horowhenua lake will get abit of attention. The vegi groweres will go along with it....

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